How it Works !

Smart Home Device helps you save energy and utility bills and can be remote control from anywhere in the world to make your life convenent.

3 steps

  1. Set up the zigbee gateway
  2. Replace all tradtional switches to our Smart Switches
  3. Using the mobile Smartlife App, just add all these devices and start automating.

Switches and Sensors

Smart switches for dimming or normal On/Off, as well as for water heater are easily available in various colours and design. Smart sensors include PIR motion, water leakage, smoke, door contacts and may others can all be used to inter-link with one another to do automation.


Gateways are the central controllers linking with all the different types of smart switches and sensors. They will cemntralise all commands and synchronised all controls with the cloud server via your home internet.

Smart App

The Smartlife mobile App is free to download and use. With this App, you will be able to install all smart gateway and devices and will be able to use it to control and automate your home. In addition, you will also be able to link with voice control such as Google, Alexa as well as Chinese voice speakers.

We have a wide range of products to convert your Office , Retail Shop , Warehouse etc into Smart Premises.

We can make your Dream home into a Smart Home wether it is a New house or existing Home.