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Smart Home for everyone is no longer a dream !

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The Experience Team

We are dedicated professionals comprises members with IT Networking, Wireless Building Control Solutions, CCTV Security products and in depth electrical wiring and installation experiences.


Our Vision

To Make Your Dream Home a Smart Home.

Smart Home for Everyone

This is year 2022, smart technologies for homes is no longer complicated, messy and expensive. Wireless smart devices are being manufactured for easy installation and can be retofitted with ease without re-wiring of the entire house.

Affordable Price for Everyone

Wireless smart devices are now using common standard modules and being adopted by thousands of manufacturers thereby reducing the cost! Now, all can afford to smartify their homes.

Scalable Investment for Everyone

Because the smart devices are made to replace existing fixtues at home easily without re-wiring, home owners can now slowly add more wireless smart devices into their homes anytime anyday whenever they have more budget.

The Best Partner to Set-up Smart Technology into Your Home

We know what you want, we have the solutions you will be seeking and we will help you to smartify your home in accordance to your needs and budget

Our Benefits

The Benefits

Engage us to have a total solutions for your smart home.


We have the knowledge to get the right solution for your house.


We make the process of using the device simple so that you can start enjoy the conveniences.


We have warrenty to get you device replace within the warrenty period and have less hassle.